The Multiverse is not enough


Deserters or victims ? the smoke of battle cleared, Lt. Romano looked around, there near the horizon 15 klicks away a drop-ship lifted majestically into the sky. His last memory had been a loud ringing in his ears and then blackness. Something moved in the pile of bodies closest to him and he leveled his Bolter ready to fire, a claw, those rending tools of the damned opposition twitched and he loosed a blast of rocket shells at it, blowing it into vapour and splinters, immediately over his comm came a cry “watch where you’re shooting that thing soldier”. The pile shifted further and a fellow marine, an engineer judging by his patches and equipment rose bloody from the charnel. “Er, please be careful where you shoot that thing, SIR” was the next hesitant uttering, Hype-Ting had recognised the Lieutenant and kept discipline with difficulty. “Do we know what happened Sir ?” asked Hype urgently. Around them more bodies were rising from beneath piles of the Tyranid host. Romano counted 3 fellow survivors from the hundreds who had dropped on this objective. Hype-Ting dropped the strange metal tube he’d been holding and helped pull Dave from under a particularly large carapace that was pinning him. “Right”, said Romano, “who do we have here ?” Wellard and Wilson sounded off, followed by Charlie who Romano recognised as one of his squad. “Have we missed the dust-off Sir”, queried Charlie. “It’s possible” , replied Romano, “these foul bodies may have blocked our life signs monitors.” “So they think we’re all dead” remarked Wilson resignedly. “Don’t lose hope Marine” Romano tried to bolster the morale before the dread of being left alone set in “They’ll be back for us as soon as they realise what happened” No sooner had the words left him when one of the bugs leapt from a pile to land upon Romano’s back, it’s killing claws raised to deliver the death blow directly to his unprotected head. “BLAM” the retort of a high calibre weapon broke the stillness and the creature fell lifeless to the ground behind the Lieutenant. Everyone looked round to see the stealthy outline of a marine sniper rising from the ground at the edge of the circle of carcasses. “Sniper specialist Keith reporting Sir” The sniper’s spotter rose too “And Colin here too Sir” “Glad to have you aboard, specialist, and thanks” “No problem Sir, just doing my job” Keith threw up a half-hearted salute. “Now what are we all going to do ?” asked Wellard practically “there are bound to be more of those things on their way here”



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